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Black entrepreneurs are invaluable in closing the racial wealth gap. BLKStreet provides sales, operational, and marketing strategies and solutions and will work side-by-side with you to help aspiring black entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality!

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Grow Your Business Package

BLKStreet's team has a proven track record of growing the revenue of businesses already in operation. Identifying new markets, marketing, advertising, and sales strategies are just the beginning of our services!

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Additional Services

Are you interested in building the influence and recognition of your brand? BLKStreet can help!

Are you planning a magnificent event that you would like the maximum amount of guests to enjoy? Contact BLKStreet about our event marketing solutions.

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Growing Black Businesses to Create Jobs & Build Wealth in Black Communities

A university study has shown that if middle class black Americans spend just $1 of every $10 at a black-owned business, 1 million+ jobs would be created, many of these in the communities we've grown up and lived in.

With a spending power set to reach $1.4 trillion, "Black America" is the 15th largest economy in the world. Despite this, black Americans are still subject to prejudices and microaggressions intended to prevent our social, economic, and political advancement.

If black Americans are serious about improving our communities, improving our schools, and providing jobs, we must not only advance, but also strengthen black-owned businesses!


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