Black Coders Needed: Learn Coding Free, Land A High-Paying Job

Black Coders Needed

If you could learn coding free of cost and were guaranteed a high-paying job, how quickly would you start? By 2020, there will be an estimated 1.4 million open jobs specifically for software developers. With salaries for software developers and software engineers starting well above $70,000 in most U.S. markets, and diversity initiatives in almost all major technology companies, what is keeping black people from careers in coding?

If it is the cost of learning the skill, there is a solution: income-share agreement coding schools.

Many coding schools are teaching students at no upfront cost, instead providing the student with a stipend for a laptop and other necessities, & allowing the student to pay off the cost of the program only after securing a job that meets certain minimum requirements. Students agree to pay a portion of their salary for a predetermined amount of time, which makes careers in technology much more accessible as the costs for comparable programs can be as much as $35,000.

A few income-share coding programs include:

  1. The Learners Guild – Oakland, CA

    Learners Guild is dedicated to making the path to a lucrative career in technology more inclusive. The program is full-time and lasts 10 months, with participants receiving a living stipend so that they can focus on learning the full-stack web development skills. The Learners Guild’s income-share agreement has students paying 12.5%-21% of their salary for a few years after graduating the program, though students who do not make over $50,000 after the program do not have to pay.
    More information:
  2. Revature – Reston, VA/Various Universities

    Revature boasts an extremely high hire rate, meaning the vast majority of graduates of their program land high-paying technology jobs despite the program being 100% free for all accepted participants. Revature’s programs can be accessed online, through in-person sessions, or on campuses. The company has partnered with many universities nationwide and works with each student until they are hired.
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  3. Holberton School – San Francisco, CA

    Holberton School has been in the news recently due to an investment by R&B singer Ne-Yo intended to attract more people of minority backgrounds to the program. Holberton’s program lasts 2 years and is comprised of three different parts: 9 months of on-site training, a 6-month internship, & 9 months of on-site or remote study in a chosen specialization. In the first year, computers are provided to students and students repay the program’s cost through a 17% income-share agreement.
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  4. Make School – San Francisco, CA/Worldwide

    Make School also offers income-share agreements. However, they are unique in that they offer multiple programs for students to choose from. Programs range from 2 months to 2 years and Make School does provide living stipends to eligible students. In addition to landing lucrative jobs, Make School alumni frequently graduate with digital products to sell. These are usually apps on the App or Google Play stores, making it easy to reimburse Make School through their 25% income-share agreement.
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Other programs include:

App Academy:
Code School:
Viking Code School:

Have you had an experience with any of these programs? Did you pay for a coding school? Do you know of any others that we haven’t listed? Leave us a comment!

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